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WebREPL and WebPad

Unfortunately, this only works in ESP8266 at this point. WebREPL support for ESP32 is still in progress.


WebREPL works by opening a WebSocket connection from your browser through to the REPL. It’s kind of teed in there so you’ll see the text also appearing in the serial REPL.

  1. You can use WebREPL code direct from http://micropython.org/webrepl/

    Or download it using wget:

    wget -r -nH http://micropython.org/webrepl/

  2. Connect to the serial REPL, set up WiFi and work out your new IP address, then set up WebREPL:

     import network
     w = network.WLAN()
     w.connect("yourAP", "yourPassword")
     import webrepl_setup

    Alternatively, if your device is set up as an AP, you can connect to it and point WebREPL at ws:// and it will hopefully ask you for a password, which it will use to connect from then on.

  3. WebREPL lets you type directly to the REPL but also upload files to the filesystem


WebPad takes a slightly different approach, kind of like iPython for WebREPL. Either:

git clone https://github.com/nickzoic/mpy-webpad/

or just download it (there’s only one file):

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nickzoic/mpy-webpad/master/webpad.html

Get WebREPL working first, then point WebPad at your IP address and connect up. There’s instructions included, but the point is that it lets you go back and edit the stuff you previously did. Early days yet, but let me know what you think.