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esptool.py test cases README


Exists to catch unexpected changes in elf2image or image_info output. Does not require an ESP8266 to verify.

About Tests

Test method is fairly lo-fi:

Directory test/elf2image/ contains subdirectories esp8266-v1, esp8266-v2 and esp32. These contain test cases.

Each test case is a .elf file, which is stored alongside one or more .bin files representing the output of elf2image, and one .txt file representing the output of image_info when reading back the binary.

Default run of test_elf2image.py will re-run elf2image & image_info on all these images. Suitable –chip and –version args are supplied, determined by the directory name.

The test runner verifies that nothing in the output of either command has changed.

Dealing With Output Changes

If changes are detected, we can check if valid images are still being produced. If the changes turn out to be OK, running “test_elf2image.py –regen” will regenerate all of the .bin and .txt files for the test cases.

(–regen can also be used to evaluate test failures, by looking at git diff output.)