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NodeMCU (ESP8266)

Note that if you’re using a NodeMCU board, the pin numbers printed on the board are not the same as the ESP8266 GPIO numbers. See https://nodemcu.readthedocs.io/en/master/en/modules/gpio/

NodeMCU ESP8266 / MicroPython Notes
D0 GPIO16 Limited features, LED on NodeMCU
D1 GPIO5  
D2 GPIO4  
D3 GPIO0 Connected to button
D4 GPIO2 Connected to LED on module
D5 GPIO14  
D6 GPIO12  
D7 GPIO13  
D8 GPIO15  
D9 GPIO3 UART RXD0 (used for console)
D10 GPIO1 UART TXD0 (used for console)
D11 GPIO9 (used for module flash memory)
D12 GPIO10 (used for module flash memory)